Jack Davies | Ultimaker 3d Printer
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Ultimaker 3d Printer

About This Project

This is my self built 3d printer, it started off as an Ultimaker original but since originally building it in 2012 its had over 3 years worth of changes so the only thing that has really stayed since the beginning is the frame. I built it from scratch using the open source files as a base to start from.

I heavily modified the frame before laser cutting it from 5mm Acrylic, adding direct drive motor mounts and custom connector holes. I have designed and build a number of concept hot end mounts which have gone through a number of revisions. I started by machining my own hot end from aluminium and PEEK before commercial hot ends were available.

Next I used the J-Head IV which required a custom mounting system, I machined an aluminium block to mount the XY linear bearings and a clamp to secure the hot end. This block also incorporated places to mount a proximity sensor for auto bed levelling and a cooling fan.

The most recent iteration of the hot end assembly is the change of hot end to an E3D V6 which utilises an all metal construction.


20 November

Personal Project