Jack Davies | Fire & Rescue Drone
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Fire & Rescue Drone

About This Project

This project is part of a User Centred Design project which I identified a need for arial monitoring of a building in a fire & rescue operation. I interviewed firefighters and heavily researched the area of fire rescue which ultimately resulted in a system which I designed to aid in strategy planning and monitoring of the rescue operation.

The brief which I wrote for this project;

“The product needs to be able to monitor firefighters inside a building and provide a way of tracking their progress. It needs to be easy and straightforward to use and operated by one person, whilst wearing safety gear. Ideally it should be able to track multiple firefighters and enable a visually quick way to see where they are.”

I designed an arial drone system and controller specifically for use with gloves and integrated display for viewing the video from the thermal imaging camera which is wirelessly transmitted from the drone.


20 November