Jack Davies | Mini Electric Skateboard
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Mini Electric Skateboard

Personal Project
About This Project

This is my mini electric skateboard which I built for commuting to work in Amsterdam during my internship. It features duel rear hub motors and a 42v 18650 Li-ion battery which I spot welded together. There is an onboard battery management system (BMS) which controls the charging and dis-charging of the lithium battery for safety and convenience.


The speed controllers are VESCs which I hand soldered using SMD components. A homemade solder reflow oven was built to enable the fine pitch ICs to be soldered correctly.


The deck was pressed using a lamination of veneer and fibreglass with a skin of carbon fibre to aid in stiffness. The enclosure for the electronics was 3D printed using an Ultimaker 2 printer with grey PLA containing silver particles.


The whole board was 3D modelled in Fusion 360, you can download the file here. – Electric Skateboard CAD File