Jack Davies | Electric Mountainboard
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Electric Mountainboard

Personal Project
About This Project

I started with a mountain board deck, trucks and wheels, then converted the board to a full electric powered board, with 6kW of peak power! Designing and building the drivetrain and battery from scratch.


I designed a custom helical spur gear drivetrain in a sealed housing instead of a more traditional belt drive. This made the whole setup much more reliable and enabled a better transfer of torque for great acceleration performance.


I machined all of the components myself using my self built CNC machine, out of 7075 aluminium. The spur gear set has a ratio of 1:5.8.


The battery is made up of Sony VTC6 cells in a 12s4p configuration. I welded the cells in a standard configuration and designed the battery enclosure around it, housing the speed controller in the same box. The controller is mounted to a heat sink which is clamped between the battery enclosure to ensure good cooling performance and a watertight seal.